PRODUCT FOCUS: Hoshizaki KMD-210AB-HC ice machine

KMD-210AB-HC ice machine

The launch of the KMD-210AB-HC provides environmentally-conscious operators that are specifically looking to serve crescent shaped ice with the perfect option.

With zero ozone depleting potential (ODP), negligible global warming potential (GWP), and outstanding efficiency, the KMD-210AB-HC well and truly excels when it comes to sustainability.

Also excelling from a capacity point of view, the KMD-210AB-HC is able to produce a vast volume of ice in approximately half as many cycles as similar competitor models.

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This is thanks to Hoshizaki’s unique Cycle Saver system which produces ice on both sides of the stainless steel evaporator for enhanced capacity and reduced compressor strain.

The slender shape and crystal-clear clarity of this ice particularly appeals to bars and hotels that are looking to offer an aesthetic addition to drinks.

Plus, this unique ice structure is perfect for operators that wish to slot bottles into filled champagne buckets and can be blended more easily than a standard square cube.

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