PRODUCT FOCUS: Jimco MAC500 air purifier and FLO-D mini disinfection system

Jimco MAC500 air purifier and FLO-D mini disinfection system

The latest environmentally-friendly technology involving UVC and ozone from Jimco is being brought to the UK by General Catering Solutions (GCS).

The MAC500 is a conveniently sized unit that can sit on the counter or wall mounted. It has coverage of 60metre³ and eliminates odours, fungus, bacteria and virus from the air.

The MAC500 not only improves the air quality, helping people suffering from respiratory problems and asthma, but its design allows it to effectively control the spread of disease in public spaces such as guest rooms, bathrooms and restaurant dining areas.

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The FLO-D mini takes the technology to another level. Covering 314metre³ the FLOD-D mini can achieve complete surface disinfection up to 99.99% including members of the virus family coronaviridae (like MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2).

The FLO-D mini can disinfect all corners, ducts and surfaces without the need for water, chemicals or manual labour.

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