PRODUCT FOCUS: Kitchen Vent Technical Spectrum UV canopy

Spectrum UV canopy

In addition to its ClearAir canopy range, Kitchen Vent Technical’s Spectrum canopies feature UV in-canopy grease and odour-control, to destroy grease and odour as near to the source as possible.

Dirty air first passes through the high efficiency centrifugal separators, then across the unique UV diffuser/reflector phase, then finally across the UV lamps before entering the ductwork.

The end-result of this process is to destroy higher quantities of odour and grease than any other UV system available.

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The cleaned air created by Spectrum passes into the ductwork leaving minimal deposits, extending maintenance intervals by up to four times and significantly lowering both emissions to atmosphere and fire risk.

Every canopy has KVT’s high efficiency grease separators fitted, with each section having a dedicated mini system.

All systems are self-actuating and shut down automatically when fan systems are turned off. All Spectrum canopies incorporate KVT’s integral three-tier UV safety mechanisms as standard.

This makes the whole arrangement user-friendly and requires minimal manual input from cooking staff.

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