The Professional Kitchen CPU installs latest Winterhalter to cope with volume

Winterhalter UF machine at The Professional Nursery Kitchen CPU

The Professional Kitchen’s central processing unit (CPU) has selected one of Winterhalter’s newest warewashing machines to deal with the volumes of dirty ware passing through its kitchen.

The Winterhalter UF machine was installed at the company’s CPU, which is the company’s first dedicated nursery schools unit, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and keep the kitchen flowing at a rapid pace.

The UF is a dedicated utensil washer that features VarioPower technology, which allows the wash pressure to be individually adjusted, depending on the items being washed and the degree of soiling, and can wash up to 64 racks per hour.

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Other new features of the UF machines include redesigned foldable doors giving staff clear access to the interior of the machine, making it easier to load and to clean.

PHCC, which handled the project, advised The Professional Kitchen that the utensils washer was the most important equipment purchase when fitting out the kitchen.

Charles Baseley, head chef at The Professional Kitchen said: “The Winterhalter machine is something else. It’s extremely powerful and the performance is incredible. It’s fast, efficient, and gets up to temperature quickly, so it’s a very hygienic wash. It’s an amazing piece of equipment. I’ve used Winterhalter machines before and they’ve always been top notch.”

Winterhalter is the only catering equipment manufacturer to offer a carbon footprint label that is verified by The Carbon Trust.

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