Provenance Inns’ managing director resigns

Michael Ibbotson (left) and Chris Blundell

Hotel and gastropub operator Provenance Inns’ co-founder and managing director has resigned from the company.

Michael Ibbotson is resigning from his managerial roles but will continue work the North Yorkshire-based organisation in a consultancy role.

Ibbotson and co-founder Chris Blundell are working together to identify a suitable replacement for the position of managing director. Blundell will continue at Provenance Inns as the sole owner.

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In response to Ibbotson’s resignation, Blundell said: “Michael and I have always agreed on the direction of the Provenance Inns business and, with Michael having reached his decision to resign as a director, this is no exception.

“The forward momentum of Provenance Inns will continue, with no changes to current or future projects. Michael’s continued involvement as a consultant will be invaluable.”

Ibbotson commented: “When Chris and I founded Provenance Inns, we set ourselves some ambitious targets, and we have acquired and opened seven businesses in just seven years, putting significant investment into each.”

Ibbotson will continue to own and run the acclaimed Durham Ox in Crayke, which he acquired in 1999, and which will now once again trade as a standalone business, independently of the Provenance Inns portfolio.

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