Puracycle Remarkable Labels hailed a ‘game changer’ for foodservice operators

Puracycle label

No matter the size of your operation, every kitchen is looking to reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency of its staff.

Whether you have invested in the latest software to manage customer seating or you finally got around to upgrading your refrigeration units, we are excited to find the latest products to ensure maximum output.

The newest innovation in foodservice operations is not an expensive machine or a breakthrough software, but rather a simple solution to an issue that plagues every kitchen: labeling.

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Most kitchens in the UK resort to keeping numerous rolls of masking tape handy; slapping on a product name and ‘use-by date’ to the side of a container before sending it out.

You may be using paper labels, pre-templated with a relevant outline to make the role of a food prepper easier. Or, you may have become fed-up with the relentless residue that forms and switched to expensive dissolvable labels.

The Puracycle Remarkable Label sets a new standard for kitchens of all size. Each Remarkable Label is applied to a container just once per year and stays adhered through 500 dishwasher-cycles.

The bright, reusable surface functions like a whiteboard; holding ink through steam, condensation, boiling water, and freezers.

Rather than peeling off the label between every individual use, simply rub to remove the text. After erasing, you are left with a clean, templated surface that is ready to be reused, day after day, for the whole year.

The Remarkable Label can be used up to 500 times, at which point you simply remove the label and apply a new one.

Because you are not applying a new label every day, our syste generates significant cost savings over every other labeling method, even masking tape.

Just 100 Remarkable Labels replaces 70 rolls of masking tape. Even more significant, 200 Remarkable Labels replaces 50,000 single-use labels.

You never have to hunt down labels when prepping a container of food, Remarkable Labels are always where you left them.

Plus the labels eliminate all the wasted labour of applying and removing labels or residue day after day.

With internal and governmental pressure to move toward more sustainable offerings, it often feels like a trade-off between the best products, or those that promote a zero-waste environment.

With Remarkable Labels you can be confident knowing that you will never have to throw out another roll of masking tape or wash gooey gunk down your drain. The unique three-layer Remarkable Label can be recycled at the end of its lifetime – and that only happens once a year.

Remarkable Labels have been hailed as a ‘game changer’ and a ‘smartest innovation’, winning international awards and making appearances at important industry events such as the Universal Cookery and Food Festival.

Puracycle is a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, a key UK organisation committed to making “sustainability part of the DNA of every foodservice business”.

Puracycle Remarkable Labels are distributed exclusively through Nisbets, the region’s largest and most trusted supplier of foodservice equipment. Here, you can find the design that suits your needs, including a templated label that lists various food groups, allowing for quick and easy designation of each major allergen. Learn more at


There will be a free Puracycle label with each copy of FEJ’s August edition. If you haven’t received a copy and are interested in receiving a label please contact

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