QikServe rolls out kiosk ordering solution for restaurant businesses

QikServe kiosk

QikServe, the multichannel ordering and payment specialist, has launched the QikServe Kiosk application, a new solution for restaurant businesses looking to implement kiosk-based ordering and payment systems.

The solution is the latest addition to QikServe’s suite of ordering and payment products, which also includes mobile, tablet and web-based applications.

The QikServe Kiosk application provides operators with a flexible and customisable platform for building their own self-service system. Operators can combine brand logos, colours and images with QikServe’s intuitive user interface to deliver a unique self-service kiosk customer experience.

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Within the app, operators can easily add and manage product images, food and drink descriptions or relevant up-sell and cross-sell options.

Several restaurant giants made significant commitments to the implementation of self-order digital kiosk initiatives in 2016. Many hospitality operators view kiosks as the first step towards full mobile ordering, with no need to download an app or check in via mobile, customers are often more ready to engage via kiosks.

The QikServe Kiosk Application allows operators to capture guest data insights to intelligently optimise in-house operations, such as the number of visits, most popular locations and kiosk positions, typical order spend, most ordered meals or successful upsells, peak self-service hours by day, week or month and more. The data can help operators optimize menus for greater spend and to provide enhanced experiences and services based on usage data.

“Kiosks offer hospitality operators more than just a new ordering option – they support operational efficiency by helping reduce queues and can provide eye-catching digital signage opportunities,” explained Daniel Rodgers, CEO, QikServe.  “Adding to our existing applications in mobile and web-based ordering our Kiosk Application provides operators with a fast, cost-effective way to implement self-service ordering using our purpose built screen flows and interface design that are designed to deliver great user experiences.”

QikServe’s Kiosk Application can be installed on any kiosk hardware running the widely used Universal Windows Platform, enabling secure, PCI-compliant payments via an integrated card-reading terminal that can be configured to accept payments types including Android Pay, Apple Pay, Chip and Pin, mag stripe and NFC Contactless.

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