Quarter of operators spend equivalent of one whole day a week cleaning

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A quarter of foodservice businesses spend more than 21 hours a week cleaning, according to new research.

While one in four are spending almost a day cleaning, a further 32% also assess their cleaning processes at least once a week on top of the time they spend actually cleaning, a study conducted by Dustcontrol UK shows.

The survey questioned 100 UK-based food industry professionals in order to look at dust-related issues in the food industry and how highly they were regarded.

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12% of respondents only perform between one and five hours of cleaning a week. The most common response was between six and ten hours per week with 31% of respondents.

19% claimed to do between 11 and 15 hours and 13% did 16 and 20 hours.

The study then looked at how often businesses assessed their cleaning methods asking: “How many times do you review your cleaning processes?’ The main answer was ‘once a week’ according to 32% of respondents, while 28% claimed to do so once a month.

A further 22% reviewed their methods once a quarter. Only 12% of respondents conducted reviews more infrequently than that, with the remaining 6% unsure.

James Miller, Dustcontrol UK’s general manager, commented: “Cleaning is a serious business in the food industry thanks to strict process and control. And it’s clearly a time-consuming business too if our results are anything to go by. The fact that a quarter spend more than 21 hours a week cleaning demonstrates what a drain on resources it can become, sapping valuable production time.”

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