QUICKFIRE Q&A: Alan Todd, Head of Pub Operations, SA Brain & Co

Alan Todd, head of pub operations

What aspects of your kitchens will you be focusing on in 2020?

Productivity is our number one focus. That means right equipment, with right people and things in the right places — maximising every opportunity to delivery consistency, quality and speed.

What is the biggest kitchen challenge you expect to face in 2020?

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Rising food costs is always going to be the challenge we face combined with ensuring we have a skilled workforce to meet demand.

What will be the big menu development trend of 2020?

Vegan food will continue its rise, as well as health and wellbeing, so lower calories in dishes but maximising flavour.

Aside from price or cost, what one factor or criteria will you be looking for from new catering equipment this year?

Simple — reliability! We want equipment that can stand heavy usage and not let us down. As equipment becomes more efficient it is important it also remains reliable. When a key piece of equipment is out of commission it causes no end of knock-on problems.

When it comes to future catering equipment innovation, what sort of things would be top of your kitchen wish list?

Combi ovens with the facility to blast chill at the end of a cooking cycle or the other way — start chilled and then turn into a cook and hot hold. I am sure this will be very ambitious but would add huge value in terms of safety and utilising smaller footprints.

S.A. Brain & Co enthused by developments in kitchen equipment innovation

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