QUICKFIRE Q&A: Mark Teed, Food Strategy & Implementation Manager, Star Pubs & Bars

Mark Teed, Star’s food strategy and implementation manager

What aspects of your kitchens will you be focusing on in 2020?

We will be focusing on sourcing equipment that can deliver our offer with increased speed and quality. Another priority will be making our kitchens more sustainable, so I will be looking at how we can further enhance the lifespan of the equipment we use and recondition equipment that would have been disposed of in the past.

What will be the big menu development trend in 2020?

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Sustainability will be the standout trend. It will have a major impact on the products and ingredients operators choose — the use of food that would otherwise have gone to landfill and produce with low food miles will be big, and there’ll be lots of shouting about it.

Aside from price or cost, what one factor or criteria will you be looking for from new catering equipment this year?

I’ll be looking for suppliers that have strong eco credentials, can demonstrate that they have a sustainability agenda and are manufacturing products to match.

When it comes to future equipment innovation, what is at the top of your kitchen wish list?

A piece of equipment that has a massive eco credential. I’d love to see a range or a fryer made out of parts that would have otherwise been destined for the scrap heap or a piece of equipment made using recycled materials that used to be something else in another life. A big challenge I’m sure, but what benefits it would have for the environment and what a great story for someone to be first to market with.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Star Pubs’ Mark Teed on menu innovation, kitchen templates and future investment

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