QUICKFIRE Q&A: Steve Mangleshot, Executive Chef, Wagamama

Steve, Mangleshot, executive chef

What aspects of your kitchens are you likely to be focusing on in 2020?

The aspects we will be focusing on are flow and efficiency, so kit that can multi-task and make my chefs’ lives easier.

What is the biggest kitchen challenge you expect to face in 2020?

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One of the biggest challenges that I believe we will face in 2020 is staffing — finding enough chefs to cook our fantastic fresh food.

What do you think the big menu development trend of 2020 could be?

I still believe the big trend for 2020 is Asian food, so the good thing is that I’m in the right market!

Aside from price or cost, what one factor or criteria will you be looking for from new catering equipment this year?

For me, one of the big criteria for this year will be the versatility of kitchen kit as well as robustness and efficiency.

When it comes to future equipment innovation, what is top of your kitchen wish list?

It’s a tough question. Again, I would say any innovation that makes my chefs’ lives simpler.

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