Range of six new commercial cleaning chemicals brought to market

Aqua Dosa catering range

Aqua Cure has recently extended its popular Aqua Dosa range with a new line of products specifically designed for the demanding catering market.

The new Aqua Dosa Catering Range includes six high performance cleaning chemicals. They are: detergent for warewashers; detergent for glasswashers; rinse aid for warewashers; rinse aid for glasswashers; universal degreaser; stainless steel cleaner.

The Aqua Dosa general warewashing detergent uses an advanced formula that removes stubborn stains and food deposits for a thorough and professional clean while its high sequestrate content allows it to be used e­ffectively in both soft and hard water areas, the firm says. There is also a dedicated glasswasher detergent which aims to be ideal for machine washing glasses and tumblers.

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The range also includes a general warewashing rinse aid which uses a blend of specialist surfactants and mild acids in a taint-free aqueous base to prevent spots and hazing on plates, serving dishes, cutlery and utensils. A specially formulated glassware version results in fast-drying, gleaming glassware which is immediately ready for service.

As well as detergents and rinse aids, the range also includes a universal degreaser, an alkaline cleaner and degreaser concentrate which has been designed to dissolve the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish. It is supposed to be ideal for cleaning food oils, fats, industrial oils, grease, dirt and grime from a multitude of surfaces including stainless steel, ceramic tiles, plastic coatings, concrete, paintwork and floors.

Lastly, the range features a food-safe stainless steel cleaner formulated for removing stubborn stains, hard water deposits and discolouration from all stainless steel surfaces. Whilst the rest of the range is available in five litre tubs, the stainless steel cleaner comes in a handy 750ml trigger spray for optimum convenience.

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