Rational equips UK chef team with kit to break Guinness World Record

Chefs from Resorts World Birmingham have broken a Guinness World Record with the help of a Rational VarioCookingCenter.

The team achieved a new first by producing the world’s largest serving of fish and chips at a special event last week.

The sizeable 27.83kg halibut fillet was sourced and coated in batter by the Resorts World chefs, before being deep-fried in a VarioCookingCenter 311 model, which took two hours. They then fried a “very generous” serving of chips.

Regional sales manager Kevin Tombs assisted the chefs in the programming of the equipment.

Once cooked the meal was weighed at 54.99kg, beating the previous record by 7kg. The Resorts World chefs portioned up the meal for serving to the well-wishers attending the event.

Graham Kille, technical sales director at Rational, said: “We are delighted that Rational played a key role in Resorts World’s success. The combination of performance and sensitivity of the VarioCookingCenter 311 model makes it the perfect multifunctional appliance for a record-breaking meal.”

MAIN PIC: Kevin Tombs, regional sales manager at Rational with Christian Genete, head chef at Resorts World


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