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iCombi Pro iCareSystem

Rational has launched the Active Green cleaning chemical for its iCombi Pro combi steamer. 

The company said the product is a “powerful advance” in the area of environmentally-friendly professional cleaning chemicals which, combined with the iCombi Pro’s iCareSystem, helps to deliver reductions of up to 50% on chemicals consumption, without sacrificing any cleaning power.

Active Green is a concentrated tablet that is completely free of phosphorous and phosphate. While it’s a green cleaning product, it’s also just as effective as conventional chemicals, guaranteeing superb, sparkling results, without compromise and without harming the environment.

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The iCareSystem is the intelligent cleaning system that uses sensors to detect how soiled the interior of the cooking system is.  It then adjusts the strength of the cleaning program automatically, to ensure a hygienic clean while using only as much chemical as is needed.

The interaction between the Active Green tablet and the iCareSystem is optimised in such a way that up to 50% less is consumed, compared to the previous cleaning chemical.

“The iCombi Pro includes a range of significant technological improvements designed to help operators improve their environmental sustainability,” said Trevor Lath, national service director at Rational.

“However, environmental protection cannot be at the expense of hygiene. As with any commercial catering equipment, the daily cleaning routine is an important part of the regular care and maintenance schedule. The combination of the new, ‘green’ chemicals formula, and the carefully calibrated iCareSystem, has helped us create our most efficient and eco-friendly combi steamer cleaning system to date.”

Alongside its powerful cleaning programs the iCareSystem offers two particularly environment-friendly functions.

The first is an ultra-fast 12 minute cleaning cycle that helps to keep downtime during the day to a minimum, without compromising on hygiene.

The second is the Eco mode, which uses less water and chemicals but takes longer than the standard programmes.

The iCareSystem allows operators to schedule the Eco mode to run overnight, helping reduce costs even more while guaranteeing that the iCombi Pro is ready to go when staff arrive in the morning.

Mr Lath added: “The iCareSystem’s intelligence uses only as much cleaning chemical as is absolutely necessary. It’s gentle on the environment and at the same time guarantees a perfectly maintained cooking system.”

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