Rational tweaks its combi ovens to improve their energy efficiency

Rational combi ovens

Rational claims it has made its flagship SelfCookingCenter even more energy efficient with the addition of a triple pane glass cooking cabinet door, LED lighting and energy meter.

Rational insists that its research and development teams have made every effort to reduce the energy consumption of the SelfCookingCenter even further and it hopes the integrated energy meter will encourage operators to think carefully about usage.

The cabinet, meanwhile, now contains a special heat reflective coating, which significantly reduces heat losses through the door. It is claimed that this alone reduces the overall energy consumption by up to 10% compared to the previous model.

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Unlike standard triple glass pane, the panes on the SelfCookingCenter can be opened, which allows each individual pane to be cleaned easily.

Rational maintains that the panes don’t restrict the full insulating effect, and said that this can be felt in that the outer pane of the SelfCookingCenter hardly heats up and can be touched without any risk, even for longer periods.

The LED lighting in the cooking cabinet and door also contributes to the energy saving and provides optimal lighting right into the rear corners of the cabinet.

LEDs are also very durable and therefore low-maintenance, the firm said. A new function also displays the energy consumption of the SelfCookingCenter.

This can either be displayed according to individual cooking processes, or even at the end of the day or week. This can be viewed via the control panel, and the data can be downloaded and processed on a PC, using software such as MS Excel.

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