Rational teams up with leading Indian chef for equipment collaboration

Rehan Uddin, Asian Restaurant Owners Network

Rational has teamed up with one of the UK’s most influential Indian chefs, Rehan Uddin of the Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON), as part of its global Expert Chef programme. 

The collaboration will see Mr Uddin present a series of demonstrations, initially online, showing how modern, multifunctional cooking systems can both replicate traditional Indian cuisine cooking techniques and elevate the cooking results.

“ARON is all about the modern dining experience,” said Mr Uddin. “It’s about new ideas and new concepts, about helping our members reach new levels.”

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Adam Knights, marketing director at Rational, said: “Rehan is enthusiastic, passionate and a natural, engaging presenter. He has used our cooking systems to push the boundaries of Indian food preparation, by using the latest technology to reinvent traditional cooking methods.”

While the Expert Chef online programmes are aimed mainly at Indian restaurateurs and chefs, Mr Knights expects participation from many other sectors of the foodservice market.

“Indian dishes are hugely popular, which is why they’re on menus in pubs, hotels, universities, schools… everyone can enjoy and learn from Rehan’s contagious enthusiasm and expertise.”

Mr Uddin is an advocate of Rational cooking systems and used the brand when he founded his first restaurant, the Bombay Express in Torquay.

He said the ovens can elevate Indian cooking processes.  “For example, a tandoori oven is flawed – the bottom cooks faster than the middle and the top. Plus, it takes two and a half hours to heat up.  The Rational iCombi Pro cooks all the food perfectly, and it takes minutes to get to temperature. The results are outstanding and so easy to achieve.

“It’s not just the fantastic cooking results.  It’s also things like the ease of use and the energy saving – ARON has a big push on sustainability, and these systems fit in perfectly with that. We’re bringing a new image to Indian cooking – it’s all about smart food dining, and food that makes you smile.”

Uddin’s partnership on the Expert Chef programme will initially focus on the iCombi Pro combi steamer, but having also installed an iVario Pro multifunctional cooking system at Bombay Express he is looking to produce his entire menu using the Rational iKitchen concept.

“The iVario is so straightforward to use, even before they had training on it our chefs were cooking with it. One of the best features on the iVario Pro is iZoneControl, which lets you set different temperatures in the same pan, so you can cook different things at the same time. We also use the iVario for sous vide and it’s brilliant for stocks – we pressure cook them and it’s saving us hours.”

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