Responsible kitchen habits help The Alchemist reach carbon neutral status

The Alchemist

The Alchemist has revealed it is now a carbon neutral company and published what it calls “five pillars of change” underlining its commitment to sustainability.

The restaurant operator said it is aiming to unlock the power of its bars and restaurants to lead change in the industry through the pillars, which it has titled ‘energy’, ‘waste’, ‘transport’, ‘community’ and ‘pledge’.

The Alchemist has appointed a dedicated ‘Green Keeper’ champion in each of its venues who are tasked with keeping its energy saving targets in check.

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In terms of its kitchens, the company uses a VAV system for kitchen extracts, which reduces energy consumption of its kitchen extract and supply fans, while its fridges and coffee machines are fixed with timers to ensure they are working when they really need to.

Food is cooked on gas-saving Synergy grills that have accreditation from the Carbon Trust, while staff are fully trained on recycling and waste separation.

Materials are renewable where possible, including napkins, packaging and straws, and fruit waste is turned into dehydrated bar garnishes.

The Alchemist is in the process of introducing a dedicated Orca waste management system across its venues, which converts food waste to drain-safe liquid. It is currently in use in seven of its 20 sites.

Meanwhile, cooking oil is collected and turned into bio-diesel to operate delivery vehicles.

Outside of the kitchen, The Alchemist continues to give more responsibility to its teams through green initiatives and charitable volunteering.

Almost 51,000 trees have been planted in developing countries as a result of an initiative asking customers to make a 99p bill donation.

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