Restaurant chain’s kitchens to serve up steak that few others dare to cook

Casual dining chain Steakout is preparing to mark its tenth anniversary by offering a giant steak that it claims only a “handful” of UK restaurants have ever served.

The company is adding the 2kg Porterhouse steak to its menu for a limited time and expects it to appeal to meat connoisseurs due to its reputation as the ‘king of steaks’.

The steak is so rare that it needs to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance so it can be freshly sourced and prepared. Steakout insists only a few restaurants have ever offered a steak this size.

The restaurant is hailing the dish, which can easily serve up to four people and is comprised of tenderloin fillet and top loin, as its “millionaire meal”. It is valued at £120 but will be offered to diners for £60 this spring as part of its anniversary celebrations.

Founder Kaysor Ali says: “Since 2008, we’ve grown to eight outlets across London and the UK, transforming beef steak through tenderising and our unique marinades. We’re proud that from day one, we’ve only purchased 100% British Yorkshire cattle and are considered to have some of the highest procurement and packing standards within the industry.”

Steakout’s eight outlets are based in London, Leicester, Middlesex and Bedfordshire, and it has plans to open further sites. The 2kg Porterhouse steak will be available in each of the restaurants.




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