Retro refrigeration delivers a contemporary look for kitchen owner

The Hut, Colwell Bay

When popular Colwell Bay restaurant The Hut decided it was time to refurb its dining area and kitchen, it knew that it wanted to make a statement that would resonate with customers.

Owner George Adams brought in catering design firm Little Duffy to oversee the project, and he was quite clear that the company wanted the best of everything, including bespoke and customised refrigeration units.

He opted for Precision’s eye-catching Retro Refrigeration cabinets to elevate the front-of-house bar area. Inspired by the 1950s, its large handles and heavy-duty hinges create a strong visual impression, while the vintage look conceals the same technology as the rest of Precision’s equipment.

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“When I saw the Retro Refrigeration cabinets, I knew they would be perfect for us,” explains Adams. “They match our style exactly. We get a lot of compliments about the fridges from our customers, asking where they can get them.”

The Hut’s front-of-house equipment includes three of Precision’s GFS600 glass frosters, which like the Retro cabinets have been painted to match the rest of the decor. While the equipment’s looks are important, Adams says it is vital for the restaurant that the units are energy efficient.

“Obviously keeping our running costs as low as possible is important to us — after all the refrigeration will be running 24/7, so every little bit helps.”

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