Reusable label supports caterers striving to comply with allergen information rules

PuraCycle allergens label

Pro Foodservice Reps has released a reusable label to support caterers as they strive to comply with allergen information rules.

The new design is part of the Puracycle range, which Pro Foodservice Reps has exclusive distribution rights for in the UK.

The labels allow caterers to add the food name, prep date, use by date, frozen date and defrost date, but they can also tick off which of the main 14 allergens are in the contents of back-of-house containers and bottles.

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Andy Piggin, managing director of Pro Foodservice Reps (PFR), said food safety is now about much more than cross-contamination and sanitisation, with exposure to an allergen eating out potentially meaning the difference between life and death.

“Around one in 100 people suffer with coeliac disease, with one in 14 children under three having one or more food allergies. Caterers across the board must provide information on the 14 main allergens to the consumer for non-prepacked food or drink. They might underestimate the importance of this, but they can be fined steeply for not being transparent.”

Research recently carried out by the Navitas Group found that more than 80% of people who look for allergy information expect restaurant kitchens to have up-to-date technology to minimise the risk posed by allergens, but also processes in place across their back of house operation.

“The beauty of our new allergen labels is that you can erase the text and ticks when you are done and they can go through the dishwasher, eliminating the need for the hundreds, if not thousands, of single-use labels caterers can get through in a year.”

The new labels are available in packs of 20 and can be ordered through catering equipment supplier Nisbets.

They are made from highly recyclable materials with a unique reusable whiteboard surface and can be through commercial dishwashers.

PuraCycle pens, which are non-toxic and odourless, contain resistant ‘wash-erase’ ink that stays legible even when exposed to either boiling or freezing water, steam or condensation.

Mr Piggin said the labels replace the need for a dedicated label printer.

“Peeling, picking, scratching or scrubbing ordinary labels can leave a nasty residue that builds up over time. Our PuraCycle labels are an award winning, sustainable, cost-effective solution for every aspect of foodservice.

“They are at least 10 times less expensive than dissolvable labels per use, having been engineered to sustain 500 dishwasher cycles. We believe outlets can start seeing savings in as little as 15 uses.”

VIDEO: See the magic of Puracycle labels up close

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