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The catering equipment industry is making its way to the Birmingham NEC this morning as the inaugural Commercial Kitchen show gets underway from 10am.

The event will feature 80 founding exhibitors showcasing the complete range of catering equipment, devices and utensils required to run a commercial kitchen, giving buyers a chance to seek out the latest innovations for their catering operation.

To help you uncover what’s new, here’s our comprehensive guide to some of the top kit being launched at the show.

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Lincat is launching two new product ranges at Commercial Kitchen: Opus 800 and the latest generation of FilterFlow water boilers. With a stylish new look, Opus 800’s 80-strong range of heavy-duty prime cooking equipment is designed and engineered to provide enhanced performance, energy efficiency and serviceability. The FilterFlow water boilers, with enhanced self-diagnostics, smaller footprints, timer modes, and longer life filter cartridges, will set a new industry standard (stand C36).

GDPA (Glen Dimplex Professional Appliances) is launching the new Titan Induction Range Cooker.  Built using cutting-edge induction technology, the British-manufactured range features a unique five zone induction cooking hob, each featuring a ‘boost’ mode for when additional power is required, complete with a large 2/1 gastronorm compatible oven.  Also showcasing: the latest in versatile refrigeration appliances from Lec Commercial; and the new auto-fill hot water boilers, with built-in filtration, from Burco Commercial (stand B34).

Catersave Europe’s new Odour Management System is the only system that actually destroys the molecules present in nuisance odours.  Connected to a kitchen’s ducting, the product is delivered at a constant rate and once in contact with the odours it destroys the molecules in 1-2 seconds leaving the air flow free of all cooking smells (stand J20).

Panasonic UK is introducing its slow juicer at the show.  Working by crushing fruit, rather than shredding it, Panasonic’s slow juicer extracts a higher yield of juice (but it is no slower at doing so, despite its name). The professional slow juicer boasts a host of features that will add to its appeal.  Plus, in a direct test against a branded speed juicer, produced 20% more juice (stand J3).

Prodis is launching its T series range of hood dishwashers.  Designed with ultimate flexibility in mind, the range can be configured to suit an application and budget.  The T1515 can be fitted with a heat recovery system that recycles waste heat into the machine – saving energy, reducing the steam generated, and making for a more pleasant working area (stand B8).

Leading commercial kitchen strip out and disposal contractors, Pro Auction has launched an exclusive new offering that enables foodservice customers to have kitchens stripped out in preparation for new installations quicker than ever before.  Geared towards kitchen replacement installations, Pro Auction gives proprietors the opportunity to guarantee strip out of the redundant equipment in as little as 48 hours of agreeing the specification of works, regardless of the projects location, complexity or size (stand J15).

Euro Catering Equipment is launching two new combi oven ranges from Giorik.  The Kompatto slimline now has a gas oven added to the range (only 520mm wide), whilst the new Steambox Evolution range will take both Gastronorm and 600 x 400mm Bakery trays, allowing greater flexibility to the oven.   It can also be supplied with a ‘smoker box’ to create barbecue-flavoured food (stand B15).

Pentland Wholesale is launching a new self-service range of units produced by Inomak, and showcasing a series of energy efficient products, including the Blizzard Premium range of energy efficient refrigerators and freezers; Kromo’s pluri-patented Wash & Store dishwasher; and The Simag SMI80, an energy efficient range of ice makers (stand B30).

Electrolux Professional is taking the stress out of replacement equipment purchases, with the launch of a quick and easy service that offers access to instant finance and 24-hour delivery across a core range of key catering equipment.  Electrolux Express Finance offers a one-stop service with flexible finance options to make upgrades and distress scenarios as pain-free as possible for those without the capital to take immediate action (stand D36).

Testo is showcasing its 250 HACCP Management System.  It uses paper-free documentation of HACCP processes, and supports the guided set-up of a HACCP plan based on the Codex Alimentarius.  Companies can trace all quality data on a single device, and massively improve the efficiency of their HACCP processes.  Using a completely digital system also minimises human errors, which can occur when filling out checklists by hand.  Recordings can then be used as proof of activity, so users can be certain produce is being correctly monitored (stand E15).

CMS International Trading, specialists in the global third party sourcing of commercial catering equipment, is exhibiting the new Prowave 1900W microwave at the show.  A heavyweight contender in the microwave oven market, with a genuine 1900W of power, it has a 30 litre cavity, a 20 programmable memory capacity, offers multi-stage cooking, and comes with a three year parts and labour warranty (stand A4).

FRIMA UK is showcasing its new countertop 112L VarioCooking Center – a two-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres, offering maximum flexibility both in production and à la carte.  The multifunctional 112L can replace kettles, large pots, bratt pans, fryers and griddles.  It saves 30% or more space in the kitchen, and is four times faster than conventional cooking appliances (stand B6).

Foodservice Equipment Marketing is showcasing the Manitowoc QM-45, its latest integral storage ice maker, which quickly produces and stores quality ice on a small footprint.  It is a compact undercounter model capable of producing 43kg of dice ice in a 24 hour period, with integral storage capacity of 14kg.  The dice ice produced provides maximum cooling, while Manitowoc’s proven vertical evaporator ensures maximum efficiency during production (stand C5).

Ascentia FSE is exhibiting a counter top oven, which can produce an authentic, fresh dough stone-baked pizza in as little as 90 seconds – using no microwaves. This range of compact electric ovens can produce breads, patisserie and roasts, as well as a variety of other foods, in super quick time.  It’s a speedy oven, in a small footprint, using as little as a 13amp plug, and without the need for extraction (stand F8).

Nayati is promoting the Nayati Asian range, which provides kitchens and locations of every kind with equipment that has a heritage built on the delivery of quality Asian cuisines.  The range includes Woks of every power type, including induction; Teppanyaki units, catering for the art of performance cooking; plus steamer cabinets and roasters (stand D13).

Bournville Catering Equipment is showcasing the Bournville Pod, designed to serve hot and cold snacks in an outside location, to maximise access and offer a faster service to customers and therefore increase sales.  It’s ideal to provide an additional catering outlet away from the main restaurant to reduce queuing in main catering areas.   Units are bespoke, so can be custom built to exact size requirements (stand H15).

R H Hall Foodservice Solutions is promoting the new Covent Garden Soup Server, the UK’s first plug and play captive high-tech soup dispenser, offering fresh tasting soup anywhere, anytime.  Fully automatic and easy to use (stand J34).

Henkelman UK is showcasing Henkelman Boxer 42 LCD H2O table top vacuum packing machine.  Features include a LCD control panel, automatic liquid quick-stop sensor, and USB connectivity.  Also showcasing: the Windsor Sous Vide range of water baths, offering the perfect sous vide bundle for commercial kitchens (stand A3).

U-Select by PKL is a new way to buy, rent or lease catering equipment and provides a range of flexible options for businesses of all sizes.  PKL has used 27 years’ experience in the industry to create six tailored catering equipment procurement options, including their flagship ‘Try It, Buy It’ option, which enables businesses to hire items for 12 months before deciding whether to purchase (stand F15)

Clifton Food Range design and manufacture waterbaths and immersion circulators that enable chefs to cook in a precise temperature-controlled environment, producing consistently perfect results.  In addition to the waterbaths, the popular immersion circulator will be on display at Commercial Kitchen with its new carry case, ideal for travelling chefs and demonstrators.  Also showcasing: The Clifton Bottlewarmer, suitable for warming sauces on the pass (stand J38).

The Dynamix Turbo Attachment is the latest accessory from the Dynamic range of stick blenders.  Ideal for creating soups, marinades and sauces, this robust, stainless steel accessory acts differently to a standard cutting blade and more like a ‘hammer’, crushing the food and forcing it through the slots.  This pulverises all stringy elements in the soup, and smooths them into a velvety mix, without the need of sieving (stand C15).

Commercial vinyl flooring specialists Polyflor is showcasing Polysafe Apex – a high durability safety floor, with a 2.5mm gauge and available in six functional shades.  Designed for use within food production, processing, and busy kitchen locations serving numerous covers.  Apex features a high concentration of safety aggregates in the vinyl, ensuring sustainable wet slip resistance with high durability for years of performance (stand A24).

Benson’s Products is exhibiting Frontline’s Waste Cooking Oil Tank.  Designed to eliminate pouring or toting buckets of oil, it minimises exposure to liability (burns, slip and fall accidents).  Frontline’s secure waste oil storage options increase aesthetics around the restaurant’s grounds, whilst eliminating potential problems from theft or outdoor pests.  It can be placed indoors or outdoors, with a remote control panel installed, for maximum convenience (stand A19).

Catertherm is showcasing a new digital LCD display fridge – the 49” Hybrid Cooler, with transparent display.  This 49 inch commercial quality refrigerator uses the latest in HD transparent technology, and high quality sound.  The seamless media interaction can be simply uploaded via wireless or a memory stick.  These units also have the ability to turn fully transparent upon the approach of a customer, using a built in motion sensor (stand A21).

Hoshizaki Gram is promoting its new hydrocarbon Emerald Range of ice makers.  This natural refrigerant is not only environmentally friendly, but also highly energy efficient.  It includes cube, flake and nugget machines with capacities ranging from 22-340kgs per day and with models starting from small undercounter machines to large capacity stand-alone units.  Also showcasing: new Superior Plus Refrigeration, 44% more energy efficient than its ‘best in class’, plus 600 predecessor – energy use and running costs have decreased from 509kWh year to 285kWh (stand F30).

Regale Microwave Ovens is promoting its Microsave Cavity Protection System.  The Microsave Cavity liner helps to avoid costly call outs and repairs, as it keeps the microwave oven hygienically clean by protecting it against splatters and spills.  It’s easy to use, and pot-wash or dishwasher friendly.   The only microwave cavity liner in the world that has Worldwide NSF Certification, and has ‘Approved Product Status’ by the Craft Guild of Chefs.  Also showcasing: Panasonic and Daewoo high powered microwaves, and Sharp 1900W complete microwaves – all fitted with Microsave (stand A23).

Synergy Grill is showcasing a unique chargrill that revolves around a patented gas burner system and natural ceramics, creating an incredibly hot temperature.  The high heat atomises fats, and the water vapour that’s naturally released during cooking is absorbed back into the food – this combined with sharp branding, gives an intense BBQ flavour.  With 52% less gas consumption, it pays for itself in an average of 12-18 months, and there’s no fat tray to clean every day (stand D40).

Aqua Cure is exhibiting Pentair’s new Everpure Claris Prime filter at the show.  The Claris Prime filter system incorporates water conditioning technology, combining mineral adaptation, mineral stabilisation and corrosion inhibition. Suitable for espresso coffee machines and combi steam ovens, and able to deal with a variety of flow rates, the system offers tailored reduction of total dissolved solids to protect your equipment from scale and mineral induced corrosion (stand J12).

The Cheftop and Bakertop Mind.Maps are the latest line of gastronomy and bakery combi ovens from Unox UK. Cutting edge MIND.Maps technology (main picture) enables perfect, repeatable results, with the reliability and energy efficiency that come as standard in all Unox products (stand D2).

Instanta is showcasing the SL13 SureFlow Slimline.  Ideal for tight kitchen spaces, the SL13 is just 180mm wide and offers an impressive 13 litre rapid draw off capacity.  Features include: a generous tap clearance; integral filter monitor; basic fault self-diagnosis with LCD read out, and an electronic temperature control for constant temperature at around 96°C (stand D15).

Purified Air is exhibiting its Purified Air Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP’s), which filter up to 98% of all oil, grease and smoke particulates found in the commercial kitchen exhaust down to sub-micron levels.  They have integrated sumps to collect the oil, grease, and smoke particulates filtered out of the exhaust – not only simplifying servicing, but eradicating dangerous spillage from the bottom of the unit (stand J5).

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