REVEALED: Which city has been branded the takeaway capital of the UK?

Takeaway food packaging

Sheffield is the takeaway capital of the UK, according to new research.

A nationwide study reveals that natives from the Yorkshire city tuck into an average of 50 takeaways every year, the equivalent of 3,150 in an adult lifetime.

On average, the typical Sheffield resident cannot go more than a week without ordering a Chinese, Indian, or a traditional fish and chip supper, based on the survey by Pro Carton, the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers.

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Nearly a quarter (22%), meanwhile, said they treat themselves to two or three takeaways most weeks.

Liverpudlians were runners-up in the poll of Brits, managing to wolf down 44 in an average year which is the equivalent of 2,772 in their lifetime.

Londoners ranked in third place, followed by those living in Leicester and Manchester.

The findings show that almost a fifth (19%) of UK adults admit they never bother recycling the packaging that comes with their fast food.

In fact, the average Brit will throw away 232 take-away wrappers, boxes, and cartons every year, the report suggests.

Nearly three in 10 (28%) respondents said they would not dream of putting fish and chip paper or pizza boxes in the recycling bin.

Tony Hitchin, general manager at Pro Carton, said: “With takeaways on the rise due to local and national lockdowns in 2020, this research provides food for thought for brands looking to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging they choose. 74% of surveyed UK consumers said they want easy to recycle packaging but are clearly confused about the recyclability of takeaway containers.

“More and more takeaway containers are now being made from cartonboard, from French fries, scoops and burger trays to noodle bowls and fish & chip boxes so more takeaway packaging can, and should, be recycled than ever before.”

The study also found that over half (58%) of Brits think fast-food establishments should be made to use packaging which can be recycled, and 61% think plastic boxes should be banned altogether.

But nearly two-thirds (63%) of the 1,500 adults polled said they would choose an alternative product if their favourite brand increased their prices due to having more sustainable packaging.

Takeaway capitals of the UK

1. Sheffield  3,175  in a lifetime (4.2 a month)

2. Liverpool  2,797 in a lifetime (3.7 a month)

3. London  2,570 in a lifetime (3.4 a month)

4. Leicester 2,343 in a lifetime (3.1 a month)

5. Manchester 2,192 in a lifetime (2.9 a month)

6. Glasgow 2,116 in a lifetime (2.8 a month)

7. Leeds  2,041 in a lifetime (2.7 a month)

8. Birmingham 1,890 in a lifetime (2.5 a month)

9. Cambridge  1,814 in a lifetime (2.4 a month)

10. Stoke-On-Trent  1,814 in a lifetime (2.4 a month)

Figures based on an average adult lifetime from 18 to 81

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