REVEALED: Which well-known brand kitchens are producing the most calorific dishes?

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The government this week unveiled plans to fight obesity and slim down the UK, including calorie labels on restaurant meals to make people more aware of the foods they are eating.

That could well have an impact on the popularity for some of the nation’s favourite dishes if customers start looking more closely at calorie figures.

Fitness lab My Vital Metrics decided it would analyse 15 of Deliveroo’s most delivered takeaway dishes in the past year to discover which are the most calorific.

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To put the huge numbers into perspective, it explored just how long it would take to ­burn off the calories in everyday life by walking, jogging, cycling, cleaning, dancing and gardening.

As everyone burns calories at a different rate, depending on how much muscle and fat they have, its figures are based on population averages.

According to the research, TGI Fridays’ Friday whiskey-glazed sesame chicken strips are Brits’ favourite and most calorific takeaway, containing a whopping 1,840 calories per serving.

It says you need to walk for 371 minutes to remove any trace of the meal. Alternatively, 157 minutes of jogging, 564 minutes of cleaning or 177 minutes of cycling could also be done to burn the calories.

The second most calorific takeaway loved by Brits is Crust’s Diavola pizza, containing 1,260 calories.

These calories could be burned off through 242 minutes of gardening, 313 minutes of dancing or 157 minutes of jogging.

In at number three is Wagamama’s classic chicken katsu curry. The meal has 1,076 calories, which accounts for a huge chunk of the government’s suggested daily calorie limit – currently between 1,600 and 2,400 for women and 2,000 and 3,000 for men.

To burn off the curry, Brits would need to walk for 218 minutes, clean the house for 330 minutes or even cycle for 104 minutes.

At number four is Tortilla’s grilled chicken burrito. The burrito has a total of 1049 calories and to burn them off you would need to jog for 90 minutes, dance for 179 minutes or even do some gardening for 202 minutes.

Five Guys’ cheeseburger ranks as the fifth most calorific favourite, with a total of 980 calories per serving.

To burn the calories, Brits could walk for 198 minutes, cycle for 94 minutes or do some household chores for 300 minutes.

Other honourable mentions include:

Mod Pizza: – Mad Dog Pizza (960 calories)

GBK – Cheddar Cheese & Bacon Burger (905 calories)

Roosters Piri Piri – Half Chicken (864 calories)

Mission Burrito – Chicken Burrito (810 calories)

Harbourside Fish and Chips – Cod and Chips (786 calories)

In order to reach its findings, analysed Deliveroo’s most ordered takeaways and surveyed 2,628 Brits, asking them to choose their favourites from the list, to determine the UK’s top 15.

Once the top 15 had been decided, it used MyFitnessPal’s calculator to discover how many calories it takes to burn off each meal.

The full data and explanation of each meal can be found on My Vital Metrics’ blog post HERE.

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