Rexmartins adds Italian-made electric combi steamers to its range

Rexmartins Gourmet Star 2X 10 grid combi oven

Tunbridge Wells-based supplier, Rexmartins, has added a range of electric combi steamers to its portfolio.

Manufactured in Italy by Bake Off, the range comprises models optimised for bakery and gastronomy, arranged in three distinct groups: ‘Easy’, ‘Bistrot Star 2X’ and ‘Gourmet Star 2X’.

The entry-level ‘Easy’ has been designed to accept gastronorm dishes and 60 x 40 baking trays and can be used to roast, bake, steam and poach.

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The ‘Bistrot Star 2X’ range is optimised for bakery and accepts both 60 x 40 cm and 66 x 46 cm trays.

Its sister range, ‘Gourmet Star 2X’ is designed for gastronomy applications and accepts GN trays. Both series are available with a choice of control methods: ‘Vision’ touchscreen intuitive programmable control and ‘Classic’ manual control.

Nick McDonald, commercial director of Rexmartins, said: “Many combination ovens on the market come bundled with various options which may, or may not, be of value to the customer.

“Our approach is different in that we offer a good basic specification with certain features as options. This means we can offer the base units at very competitive prices, whilst still offering the flexibility of optional features like self-cleaning and hand showers.”

The company also offers a range of matching stands and accessories including provers and steam condensing hoods.

The supplier has also released a comprehensive 52-page priced catalogue detailing its range of commercial catering equipment and ancillary products.

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