Rexmartins pushes expanded RMB line out to multi-site caterers

Rexmartins is shining a spotlight on its burgeoning range of catering equipment at Hotelympia – and it believes it has a solution for multi-site operators of all types thanks to the breadth of its portfolio.

The company is aiming to get the line-up, which is manufactured under the ‘RMB’ name, in front of more buyers this week and managing director, Martin Porter, explained to FEJ yesterday that he wants to make end-users aware of what it has to offer.

“The main reason for being here is that we have got a new range of products manufactured by us,” he said. “That includes a large range of induction equipment of over 140 different types of units, bake-off products, full gas and electric appliances for commercial catering and our barbecue and Argentinean suites.”

Mr Porter said that 2018 is poised to be a big year for the RMB brand as it grows the number of catering outlets that use its equipment.

“We have got meetings with some very high end-users of multiple sites and things look extremely exciting,” he continued. “We have large chains coming to our test kitchens in Tunbridge Wells, where they can actually test out the equipment for their own purpose. And one of the main factors for them is energy consumption – a lot of our equipment can save up to 60% of energy compared to conventional systems.”

RMB steps up kitchen focus as it offers operators a new equipment alternative




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