EXCLUSIVE: Rexmartins unleashes own-label portfolio of catering equipment

Martin Porter, managing director & Wayne Phillips, global sales director

Rexmartins is taking aim at the foodservice sector with its first ever range of own-label kitchen equipment, spanning some 280 individual products.

The launch follows two years of intensive product development work that has seen the company cherry-pick four main OEM partners from more than 60 that it originally identified.

The Tunbridge Wells-based  outfit has made its name supplying third party equipment, and that business will continue. But the creation of its own ‘RMB’ range of kit, which will function as a separate entity, will create new opportunities for the operation.

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RMB equipment will be supplied to the market through the original Rexmartins business as well as through a UK franchise network that it intends to set up.

“This is very much an expansion of the success that Rexmartins has had,” global sales director Wayne Phillips told FEJ at the Great Hospitality Show this morning. “We work as a family brand, we are not a corporate brand at all, and what we are doing with this is creating a turnkey solution.”


Mr Phillips, who boasts more than 30 years’ experience in the mechanical and refrigeration services industry, said the range spans cooking suites, induction, modular cooking equipment, holding cabinets, dishwashers, ice machines and air quality and air purification equipment.

He insists the range is targeted squarely at the mid to high-end part of the market.

“It is not about competing with the big boys – it is about creating a strong brand that offers sustainability, usability and accessibility. We have spent two years working on this and we own the intellectual property of the equipment. We work directly with the design house and workshops, and have the ability to carry out spot checks on any of our manufacturing facilities unannounced whenever we want.”

The RMB line will also comprise bespoke solutions, allowing operators to customise equipment. Mr Phillips (pictured above with Rexmartins’ managing director Martin Porter) said the company will particularly look to appeal to businesses that need customised equipment to aid staff with disabilities or visual impairments.

“Our key message when marketing this is that everybody is able to have a bespoke kitchen or a high-end kitchen, whether they are buying directly from our product ranges or through our franchisees. We want everyone to be able to access our brand.”

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