RH Hall releases 180-page catering equipment catalogue as it reaches trading milestone

They say that life begins at 40 – and you certainly won’t find catering wholesaler RH Hall arguing with that.

This year marks the fourth full decade that the Bedfordshire-based outfit has been in business and to celebrate it has launched a special 40th anniversary edition foodservice equipment catalogue.

The company, which supplies brands such as Sharp and Crown Verity to the UK market, and runs its own stainless steel fabrication business, said the catalogue is a “caterer’s encyclopaedia”.

Packed with 180 pages of equipment, it also includes an independent buying guide to help customers select the right products for their needs.

RH Hall started out as a specialist microwave supplier in 1978 and has expanded its portfolio over the years. It is the sole distributor of brands such as Smeg, iWave and Maestrowave and serves as Gram’s approved nationwide wholesaler in the UK.

Today the company offers access to more than 10,000 specialist catering-related equipment items.

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