Rossopomodoro’s exec chef devises ‘healthiest’ pizza in the industry

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High street pizza chain Rossopomodoro claims to have devised the healthiest pizza on the market after teaming up with Nutrifix, a nutritional app that takes a user’s vital stats and health goals to locate nourishing meals nearby.

The ‘Nutrifix Fit Pizza’ is a high protein, high fibre and low calorie pizza that has been designed by Rossopomodoro’s executive chef Gianluca Petron and Nutrifix’s resident nutritionist Ruth Tongue.

Weighing in at 600 calories, the nutrient-dense whole wheat and quinoa base is topped off with prebiotic vegetables.

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Mr Petrone said: “Our mission has always been to transform the nutritious ingredients from our land into a delicious culinary experience. Partnering with Nutrifix gave us the chance to show to our customers that Neapolitan food, in particular pizza, is not only delicious but can also be extremely healthy.”

To celebrate the partnership, Nutrifix is hosting a pizza-making masterclass where participants will be taught how to make a super nutritious but authentic Neapolitan pizza dough. The session includes input from Salvatore De Crescenzo, Rossopomodoro’s world champion pizza chef.

Joel Burgess, Nutrifix founder and CEO, said: “Nutrifix exists to inspire people that healthy eating and delicious food go hand in hand, which is why we are so incredibly excited to be creating the high street’s healthiest pizza with Rossopomodoro – a restaurant that is going above and beyond to create the healthiest and most delicious Italian food.”

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