Rotating pizza oven fuels Firezza’s move into real estate


A rotating pizza oven from Marana Forni is the engine behind artisan pizza delivery chain Firezza’s first fast casual restaurant in Dean Street, London.

The company has made a huge impact on the capital’s pizza delivery scene over recent years and it now hopes to add a new string to its bow with a site where customers can dine in.

It has installed Marani Forni’s latest ‘Genius’ oven in the kitchen to keep precise control of the internal temperature and rotation speed, with the pizzas cooked with just one turn of the cooking surface.

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Total even cooking is achieved without the need for staff to turn or move the pizzas, meaning they simply put the pizza in and take it out of the oven.

Clive White, director of White’s Foodservice Equipment, which supplied the oven, thinks the kit being used by Firezza has the potential to be a game-changer.

“We believe this will revolutionise the fast casual market as this sector grows. Staff not having to control the temperature of the oven and continuously move and turn the pizza is a win-win. Add to this the fact that all pizzas are served evenly cooked with no more burnt pizzas, it’s better for the customer and the operator.”

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Meanwhile, White’s has also launched a dedicated website for the Charcoa brand of charcoal grilling equipment.

The site is packed with information, specifications and pictures of installations, giving customers a real insight into the Spanish-made grills.

“With many high profile clients and the increasing interest in a well-built functional and great looking Charcoal grill we decided to give Charcoa its own website,” said White.


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