Schaerer creates descaling system so that operators can cut engineer call-outs

Schaerer coffee machine

Schaerer has developed a special system aimed at allowing foodservice operators to descale coffee machines without having to call out engineers.

Scale can lead to serious machine damage if it goes untreated, but while regular descaling is advised by manufacturers, many operators simply find it too difficult or perform or fail to do a thorough enough job.

Schaerer has therefore created what it calls an an ‘Uptime! system,’ which makes it easy for staff to perform essential maintenance on their coffee machine, including descaling procedures.

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Available on the Schaerer Coffee Soul bean to cup espresso machine, the system allows descaling to be done without the need for an engineer call-out and without creating any dangers for staff.

Using a special cartridge, in conjunction with the Uptime! programme, the Coffee Soul performs a descale procedure overnight and is ready for use in the morning.

Staff simply put the Uptime! cartridge in, set the programme on the touchscreen and the machine does the rest.

“It’s an innovation that helps prevent scale-related malfunctions,” said Justin Stockwell, managing director of Caffeine Limited, which distributes the Schaerer range of bean to cup coffee machines in the UK.

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