Scotsman to increase UK stocks for healthcare as Milan factory reopens

Scotsman factory Milan

Hubbard has confirmed the priority supply of Scotsman ice machines to the healthcare sector following the reopening of the brand’s factory in Milan.

Nugget, flake and supercube ice machines tend to be used most commonly in hospitals and Hubbard – which distributes the range in the UK – has arranged for priority stock of machines covering all three types to be made available for the healthcare sector.

David Rees, marketing manager for Hubbard Systems, explained: “Scotsman’s factory in Milan is now operational, following easing of restrictions in Italy, and the China factory has been at full capacity since February.

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“Deliveries are back on schedule, which means we can ensure that any healthcare customer can get the right ice-making equipment for their application.”

Nugget ice, also known as cubelet, is mainly used for personal hydration where it’s difficult to take on fluids by normal means. As it’s quite soft and easily chewable, it is also good for soothing sore throats.

Flake ice, being very malleable, is used in a variety of areas, from laboratory work to physiotherapy.

Supercube ice cubes have very slow melt rates and are therefore used for applications such as cold water baths.

Alessandro De Blasio, vice president sales and marketing at Scotsman International, stated: “Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our employees. Our sales teams, after sales support, and spare part groups, are all working remotely to support all our customers.”

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