‘Scuff-proof’ cutlery gives casual dining operators the edge

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Casual dining cutlery brand, Charingworth, led by designer William Welch (Studio William), is set to release three new ranges this autumn.

Planish is the first, all-new design to be launched by the Stratford-based manufacturer in almost 18 months, and takes its inspiration from a manufacturing process used to mould and shape steel and the decorative dimpled detailing it leaves behind.

The textured pattern of Planish encases the 3.5mm gauge handles, which are equal to that of the brand’s most popular designs, including Fiddle and Santol.

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With the rise in popularity of decorative metal finishes comes the added risk of seeing those gleaming utensils become tarnished over time due to scuffing. To counter this, the team at Studio William offer all customers advice on cutlery care to help extend the life and performance of their cutlery.

Having undergone 42 individual finishing processes, the smooth satin finish of Charingworth’s new designs guard against scratches and scuffing.

William Welch said: “The process of shaping cutlery creates a wonderful texture, which is actually very pleasant to hold and look at. It also conceals a multitude of sins, primarily the general wear-and-tear you tend to find on cutlery that is used in heavy traffic environments. Planish is a fantastic solution for casual and all-day dining establishments that need high-performance utensils for the longer-term, but at the same time want something that is both attractive and on-trend.”

In further response to ongoing customer demand for durable and affordable products, the much Raphia and Mimosa patterns have been given a makeover and are now also available in the same satin finish.

The first orders for Planish are scheduled to ship at the start of November.

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