Second-hand catering equipment market gains ground in pandemic

Ramco Foodservices

Buyers are queuing up to take advantage of second-hand catering equipment that has become available due to the pandemic.

Experts say interest in catering items sold via auction is growing, with no shortage of surplus kit on offer.

Second-hand equipment specialist Ramco Foodservices said it had recorded its largest volume and value of items sold in a single month during January.

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Its head of business development, Paul Fieldhouse, said it was one of the strongest ever starts the company has made to a year.

“We remain optimistic about creating new opportunities and supporting businesses across the sector by helping mitigate their losses through sustainable disposals. Hopefully, with a strong recovery in the second half of 2021, we’ll also see companies rebound and begin investing in new equipment,” he said.

The recent uptick builds on a year in which Ramco recruited 2,000 new buyers of used or B grade catering equipment via its online auction sales platform and landed over 30 new clients, including a major outdoor entertainment venue operator and a top-four supermarket chain.

Mr Fieldhouse said that a growing emphasis on product lifecycle management was also a factor behind the demand for its services.

“There will be a mixed year ahead, with a particularly difficult second quarter highly likely, but the results so far show that sustainability, reuse, and the net-zero agenda are gaining further traction in the foodservice equipment sector.

“As foodservice operators seek to take responsibility for their environmental contribution and attract customers who are more interested in ‘green’ credentials than ever, it’s imperative that they carefully consider the full lifecycle of their equipment.

He added: “It’s always going to be the case that some equipment can’t be reused, so managing these items appropriately is another key area for potential growth, especially as we already have the infrastructure and relationships in place to do so.”

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  1. Hi, I have at least 18 pieces of catering equipment which I would like to move on, hopefully not to the scrap yard. I have over the last few years sold some, I now find myself in a position where I need the space. I feel that the equipment could be of use to someone, but I have been unsuccessful in marketing it. Can you give me any advise on how to go about this.

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