SHORTLIST: Supplier of the Year – Heavy Equipment

Supplier of the Year – Heavy Equipment

The Supplier of the Year – Heavy Equipment category highlights suppliers that have created the most innovative heavy duty appliance for sale over the past year.

We are delighted to announce that the 2020 shortlist includes the following suppliers:

The new BioMaster from Meiko Green Solutions is innovative because it accepts and processes all food waste including cooking oils and fats and even shells and bones, creating a biomass product that is pumped to holding tanks for collection and eventual conversion to biogas. Biomass is used to create energy, providing a sustainable return and minimising emissions of harmful gases. This AD route is the only technology on offer that provides environmental payback in the form of energy, which provides financial incentive to AD operators and waste collection operators to fund improvements and novel solutions for collection. The BioMaster range is supported directly by the Meiko UK sales team, with publicity support via Meiko UK’s marketing and PR team.

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Rational shook up the cooking equipment market this year with the launch of the iCombi Pro and iVario. The iCombi Pro combi steamer offers up to 50% higher productivity, 10% shorter cooking time and 10% lower energy consumption compared to its predecessor. Similarly, the iVario consumes up to 40% less energy than conventional tilting pans and boiling pans and, although connected loads have been reduced compared to its predecessor, it has up to 20% higher searing capacity. Both models have been totally redesigned, with improved ergonomics. The use of intelligent assistants enhance the chef’s capabilities by offering maximum functionality, flexibility, productivity and consistency, whilst at the same time caring for the environment, by reducing consumption of power and water.

Synergy Grill Technology
This year, Synergy Grill Technology launched the Chargo range, the world’s first chargrill oven. Available in three variants, the series is for indoor use, replacing both chargrills and charcoal ovens by operating as both. Chargo cuts gas consumption by a further 20-30% compared to a standard Synergy Grill (already 59%), as well as considerably reducing cooking times by up to half. The series provides total control, as temperature can be set and maintained to within 5°C. It is also designed to provide a safer working environment, as users can simply close the lid. Each model is constructed from sturdy stainless steel and can operate on LPG or natural gas, being fully convertible on site.

Williams has launched a variety of innovative products during 2020. Some were already in the pipeline, others have been developed in response to the market’s rapidly changing needs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. These include the MaxiPrep prep counter, featuring a clever design, including sliding covers for ingredients wells and an over-shelf, to maximise the worktop area and storage; the Combi Blast Chiller roll-in cabinet, the first on the market to be compatible with trolleys from more than one combi steamer manufacturer; and the foot-operated coldroom door opener, compatible with its modular coldrooms, which allows staff to enter the room without having to touch the door with their hands.

The latest CTR compact conveyor dishwasher from Winterhalter is capable of speeds of up to 195 racks per hour and includes innovative features that reduce energy, water and chemical consumption whilst enhancing performance and wash results. The CTR is based around a modular system that allows options such as drying zones or prewash tanks to be retrofitted, so it can adapt to changing demand. Despite its fast performance, the main wash unit is as little as 1,400mm long and 800mm wide. The flexibility of the modular design and the choice of model variants mean that a CTR system can be customised to make maximum use of available space, whatever the shape of the wash area.

Eligible senior industry professionals will be invited to vote for their winner in an online vote over the next two weeks.

The winners of each category will be announced throughout Kitchen Equipment & Awards Week, which commences Monday 30 November.

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