SHORTLIST: Supplier of the Year – Sustainability

Supplier of the Year – Sustainability

The Supplier of the Year – Sustainability category rewards suppliers that are championing environmental product development and energy efficient products. 

We are delighted to announce that the 2020 shortlist includes the following suppliers:

Adande only produces energy efficient refrigeration for the catering industry, using its unique design to pioneer and focus solely on providing the most energy efficient and sustainable refrigeration in the world. The Lowestoft-based manufacturer recently launched sister company Aircell to produce a grab and go open front cabinet designed to hold the cold air and reduce energy consumption by at least 40%. Adande is educating its distributor network and end users about sustainability using its loyal sales team, and during this pandemic it has been pushing hard and focusing on using Zoom and Skype for safety to contact and hold training seminars with all its dealers and consultants.

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European WaterCare
European WaterCare puts its environmental credentials first – not only does it manufacture eco-friendly, 100% recyclable water filters, it also recycles and re-purposes all third party water filters at its WaterCare recycling facility based in Harlow, Essex. This includes BWT, Brita and 3M filters. The end result produces regenerate resin which is used in replacement filters and plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of components and internal parts of new water filters. This year, WaterCare launched the iX Water filter range, a 100% recyclable water filter, made in Britain. The Insert Refill Technology means customers are now able to change just the media insert, rather than replace the whole filter, maximising cost savings and reducing environmental impact.

Sustainability is built into the DNA of Hobart. Its machines focus on speed, performance and savings on water, chemicals and electricity. Hobart’s sales teams are experts in green solutions, and proactively work with dealer partners to extol the sustainable virtues, features and benefits of each machine. For instance, its latest Two-Level Washer was created for kitchens where space is at a premium. The machine builds up, not out, with two stacked wash chambers doubling the capacity and productivity of a conventional hood-type machine without doubling its footprint. Though the machine’s capacity may be double that of a conventional hood-type, water and detergent usage remains the same as a regular hood type machine.

Mechline’s suite of products to help with the ever-increasing environmental concerns of the foodservice industry includes the food waste bio-digester, Waste2O; the air and surface steriliser, HyGenikx; and an array of water-saving taps, pre-rinses and hand wash basins. Tools that aid food waste prevention and reduction need to go hand in hand with treatment technology as part of a sustainable waste management system. Therefore Mechline has developed a Food Waste Reduction Programme (FWRP) with these principles in mind, to help educate distributors and end users. Supporting Mechline’s FWRP and Waste2O machine is an end-of-life food reporter, which helps site operators monitor how much end-of life food is being processed through their machine.

Each of Quintex’s products centre around sustainability, and this is at the forefront of everything it does as a company. The firm has three main products to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of commercial kitchens: the Cheetah demand-controlled kitchen extraction system and the Biofix and Ecofix grease management systems. Both Ecofix and Biofix use a unique bacteria that digests FOGs and helps the environment. This year Quintex has introduced QFinance, making sustainability sustainable by offering new purchasing options for all its clients in times where cash may be limited. Quintex products also enable remote dial in, reducing engineer call outs, as the team knows what they are going to fix before attending site.

Eligible senior industry professionals will be invited to vote for their winner in an online vote over the next two weeks.

The winners of each category will be announced throughout Kitchen Equipment & Awards Week, which commences Monday 30 November.

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