SkyDuo combi oven and blast chiller

SkyDuo combi oven and blast chiller

Brand/Supplier: Electrolux Professional

UK launch: March 2019

SkyDuo comprises the SkyLine Premium combi oven and SkyChillS blast chiller, but what sets it apart from other data-driven technology is the ability for both appliances to directly communicate with each other.

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For example, the oven can be programmed to roast several trays of potatoes in the morning, with the blast chiller anticipating its finish time and then activating itself to chill them down, ahead of being refreshed in the oven ahead of serving.

Conversely, Electrolux Professional notes that the blast chiller can be set up for a proving cycle for breads and pastry dough.

As the cycle draws to a close, the oven will heat up to the desired temperature and humidity to commence the baking process.

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