‘Smart’ cooking suites putting new brain power into commercial kitchens

Mareno IChef

Energy efficient cooking suite advocates have long championed the advent of ‘smart’ suites that provide greater levels of intelligence for operators.

And now it appears the next generation of suites are being designed to become part of the whole building management system for energy consumption.

That’s according to Steve Hobbs, managing director of Grande Cuisine, which distributes the new Mareno IChef range.

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It is a clear example of a system already configured to run with building management systems and won the Smart label award at HOST last year.

“IChef appliances, which are designed to be suited, come with an exclusive system specially created by Mareno to control all its multiple functions,” Mr Hobbs explained. “The touchscreen’s bright display panel is always clearly legible, under all lighting conditions, so anyone working in the kitchen, from any position, can maintain complete control of all operative settings. Gone are the old profiles with traditional knobs and in their place are ergonomic designs that facilitate cooking, and cleaning, in the kitchen.”

Mr Hobbs foresees other trends being dictated by other issues this year too, not least those relating to the effective use of space.

“With this in mind we are seeing more engagement between chefs and manufacturers as they seek a solution that delivers the best combination of space saving, energy efficiency and ergonomics,” he said. “Undertaking the installation of a new suite, either as part of a new build or redesign, is the perfect time to review how the kitchen actually operates and with it an opportunity for the chef to change working practices in order to make personnel more efficient, maximise the available space and produce a more comfortable working environment.”

The cooking suite market is certainly in a period of transition. Last week, Exclusive Ranges chief, Trevor Burke, said there was a clear trend towards chefs seeking suites that work smarter and low-to-mid-end operators adopting the buying criteria typically seen at the high-end of the market.

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