Software that can slash peak kitchen loads by up to 40% comes to the UK

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Software that can slash peak kitchen loads by up to 40% will be made available to restaurants in the UK after a partnership between Cuisine-Europe and Sicotronic.

The agreement will see Cuisine-Europe exclusively offer the German energy optimisation company’s solutions to customers running commercial kitchens in the UK.

The energy efficiency specialist investigates and measures electrical consumption and changes the way in which peak consumption is calculated by using intelligent energy optimisation software.

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The software redistributes the energy demands on a time basis in a manner that does not disrupt working practices, meaning that energy consumption is substantially and permanently below the recognised connected value.

Peak loads in commercial kitchens often occur by chance and can be avoided. In most instances, appliances are switched on and off manually, meaning they are often running constantly.

Peak loads are triggered by the simultaneity of the load consuming appliances, which  is what Sicotronic manages and reduces by, on average, between 15% and 40%.

Every action is recorded via the Sicotronic control panel and provides a full record of electrical usage and savings. With energy costs due to only rise, this saving is going to get more important.

In addition to the reduction in peak power charging, the system has an idea solution for sites where obtaining the electrical capacity requirement needed can be a problem.

“I have two projects currently in the planning stages where this is the exact problem and unless we can find a way of reducing the incoming power supply, the projects probably will not go ahead and, if they do, will have to consider significant reductions in the amount of equipment they can use, which has a huge knock-on effect to the operation in total,” said Cuisine-Europe’s managing director Richard Fordham.

“In one of those sites, we were looking at a total theoretical connected load in excess of 260kW, but by using Sicotronic can reduce that to anywhere between 120 and 140kW”

The system also monitors cold room temperatures and provides an alarm to indicate a temperature that lies outside the acceptable parameters.

The kitchen ventilation system can be linked to only function when appliances are calling for power.

Many European manufacturers are already working with Sicotronic using its DIN18875 interface to transfer data from the appliance to the monitoring system itself.

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  1. Its not just available to restaurants – Our route to market is via the design consultants, distributors and contract houses, but the benefits are huge to anyone involved, particularly those where the operator is the one picking up the costs for the energy usage. B&I, hoteliers, workplace caterers – in fact anywhere with a high energy usage via commercial catering equipment can benefit and we can also tie in laundry and other areas too!

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