Sous Vide Tools branches into barbecue equipment

Berghoff Kamado BBQ

Sous Vide Tools has launched a range of ceramic BBQs in the fashionable Japanese Kamado style, producing high temperatures for searing, roasting and grilling but also allowing for low-temperature cooking and smoking.

The multifunctional Ceramic Berghoff BBQ, available in two sizes and three contemporary finishes, has a tough ceramic shell constructed for uniform heat circulation, producing fast and consistent cooking.

By using high heat, the outside of the meat will brown before the heat has time to penetrate very far into the interior.

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This will yield a steak that is perfectly cooked from edge-to-edge, with a thin but delicious browned crust on the outside commonly known as “maillard reaction“.

The top ventilation cap of the BBQ allows for precision control of the airflow, while the thermometer on the lid monitors the temperature inside, ranging from 80ºC up to 400ºC.

High temperatures are ideal for fast cooking burgers and steaks, whilst low heats will cook larger joints over a longer period like slow cooked pork shoulder for pulled pork .

The ceramic surface remains cooler than a traditional metal grill, helped by the fact that the fire is contained within a ceramic firebox inside the base. After use, the ash is removed easily via a sliding air inlet in the base.

The Berghoff BBQs are available in orange, green or dark grey, and are constructed from high fire ceramics with an outer surface glaze that is resistant to weathering.

The compact model is 58ocm high, designed to cook one chicken or four burgers at once. The 1300cm larger model holds 12 burgers or eight steaks. All are supplied with a cast iron coated stand and cast iron coal grate, while the larger model also has castors and bamboo side tables. Both come with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

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