Sous Vide Tools Excalibur 10 Tray Dehydrator

Sous Vide Tools Excalibur 10 Tray Dehydrator

This stainless steel dehydrator features two temperature settings for two timer periods, up to a total of 99 hours.

This allows for a high start-up temperature to comply with food safety requirements followed by a switch to a lower temperature at the second stage of drying to preserve the original flavour and nutrition without cooking.

Even drying, without tray rotation, means that the user can set the Excalibur 10 tray and forget about it, knowing that the results will be consistent every time.

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Toughened glass doors allow the chef to check on progress without opening the unit, which helps to retain heat.

Ideal for: Whether creating tomato seasoning or dehydrating chicken jerky, this device is ideal for any restaurant or raw food cafe wanting to carry out small-scale commercial dry food preparation.

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