Sous Vide Tools launches machine to take food processor rivals

Rowzer from Sous Vide Tools

Catering equipment manufacturer, Sous Vide Tools, has launched the Taurus Rowzer, a compact food processor that will ‘micro puree’ sweet and savoury frozen ingredients in seconds to create sorbets, ice cream, ultra-light mousses, parfaits, soups and sauces, all without the need for thawing.

Meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, plus the liquid of choice, are placed in the beaker and into the deep freeze to -22°C/-8°F for at least 24hrs.

The beaker then attaches to the Rowzer and the number of portions required can be selected, from one to 10, before pressing start. Individual portions including pâtés and farces to vegetable and herb concentrates, and even cocktails, are then produced in as little as 20 seconds, with no wastage.

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The Rowzer’s precision blade spins at 2,000 rpm, shaving off a micro-thin layer of the frozen food, resulting in a fresh product with an ultra-smooth, creamy texture. And, because the Rowzer processes deep frozen foods without thawing, it locks in freshness and flavour.

Ice crystals are no problem for the blades so you can hold syrups, crème anglaise, sorbets and ice cream mixtures longer than pre-made ones, and store them at a lower temperature, freeing up storage space and eliminating the need for a dedicated ice cream machine. Unused beaker contents remain frozen and can be returned to the freezer to be used later.

The Rowzer unit comes with a standard blade and two stainless steel, one-litre containers with lids. An adaptor kit for Pacojet beakers is also included. A special cleaning function lowers the spindle for easy access, and a removable baseplate allows you to remove the container to cancel the blending function if required.

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