Star Pubs ploughs £4m into kitchen refits in new F&F policy

UK-based Star Pubs & Bars has funnelled more than £4m into kitchen refits over the past two years with £1.6m of investments in 2017.

The company is renovating its kitchen fixtures and fittings as part of its F&F policy which funds high cost items such as ovens, fridges, and grills, helping save licensees’ capital and improve cash flow.

The policy, designed to make it easier for licensees to develop a strong food offer, has helped increase the number of Star pubs offering food to 70%, the highest percentage of any national leased operator.

A further 80 pubs also benefited from £1m spend on kitchen building work, compliance and improving services, but weren’t on the F&F policy.

From the launch of the F&F scheme in 2015 and the end of 2016 the company invested £2.7m on kitchen fixtures and fittings. Since the launch it has also benefitted from 153 licensees, with a further £1.8m spent on kitchen building work, compliance and improving services at these same pubs.

Turnover from food is also high in the Star estate.  In 2016, it rose six percent to 31% of sales, which compares to an industry norm of 23%.

Matt Dyson, head of business support said: “We want to attract the right operators with the right offer invest in their pubs to provide them with the support needed to be successful.  That means putting in place robust and reliable good quality commercial kitchen equipment that can cater for volume.

“Our unique fixtures and fittings policy means licensees have access to kitchen equipment which can be prohibitive for them to buy.  It frees up cashflow, and ensures kitchens are kitted out properly and that high energy efficiency rated equipment is used.  Our approach to kitchen investment is to invest for the long-term – to build kitchens that allow businesses to grow. This helps make Star pubs competitive, more sustainable and increase licensees profit.”




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