Supplier brings back ‘electricity refund’ pledge

Multifunctional cooking equipment manufacturer Frima is bringing back an ‘electricity bonus initiative’ which will see it pay towards customers’ utility bills.

The manufacturer, which is a sister company of combi steamer brand Rational, is offering new buyers of a VarioCooking Center a refund on the cost of the first 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity they use, based on average consumption, after purchase.

Frima first announced the scheme two years ago, but has re-launched the offer for anybody purchasing a unit before the end of December 2015.

To claim their rebate, operators imply have to submit an invoice to Frima with a copy of the last electricity bill, and the manufacturer will pay the electricity bonus directly to the customer’s account, based on the average price of electricity on the bill.

Graham Kille, managing director of Frima, insists the deal means customers are “saving twice over” as the 1000kWh payment comes on top of the energy gains that the appliance purports to offer versus conventional cooking equipment.

“With the free electricity promotion, we’re trying to really push the energy efficiency message,” he said.

The VarioCooking Center can perform a range of cooking processes from boiling, frying and pressure cooking to sous vide and confit. In terms of heat transfer, the company claims it is up to 96% efficient.




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