Supplier invents safer way to dispose of grease from rotisserie ovens

Low-profile transport caddy

Oil management equipment provider Frontline has released a new grease innovation that is designed to handle waste produced by rotisserie chicken ovens.

The company’s Low-Profile Transport Caddy, which has stainless steel caddy slides positioned under the rotisserie oven and holds up to 75 pounds of grease, is designed to eliminate the need for manual handling of hot grease.

When the caddy is full, employees have to secure the lid, roll it to the containment tank, connect the hose, and pump out the contents to reduce the risk of slips, falls, and burns.

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While the caddy needs just 8.25 inches of clearance, the company’s team can custom-engineer one that sits extra-low to the ground. Safety features include a lid latch and a breakaway power cord to prevent tip-overs and tripping hazards.

The Low-Profile Transport Caddy’s also looks to promote compliance with proper grease disposal protocols, environmental-friendly practices and prevent waste being poured down the drain.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that drain disposal is responsible for nearly half of all sewer blockages in the U.S. each year, costing millions in repairs. Further, ground water polluted with grease kills plants and animals and damages ecosystems.

Earlier this year a 250-metre long fatberg found discovered clogging up a sewer under London’s Whitechapel Road.

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