Synergy addresses issue of vegetarian and meat-based products being cooked on same grill

Synergy Grill Technology dividers

Synergy Grill Technology has introduced stainless steel dividers for its grills – which it claims solves the issue of vegetarian and meat-based products being cooked on the same appliance.

Operators are increasingly looking at sourcing separate pieces of equipment to account for the rise in speciality diets, but Synergy said its dividers eliminate the need for that by preventing the risk of rogue splashes when different foods are being cooked.

A recent lawsuit in the US highlighted the potential pitfalls that operators could face when it comes to cooking different types of food on the same appliance.

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Synergy noted that as its grills are unique for their fat atomisation process, there is no cross-flavouring through smoke contamination and therefore any moisture expelled from the food transforms into steam, which gently penetrates back into the food to enhance texture and taste.

Justin Cadbury, chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, said: “There is no question that caterers have a moral and lawful obligation when it comes to preventing cross-contamination of flavours and ingredients, particularly given the recent growth of veganism, vegetarianism and allergen awareness over the past year. It was for this very reason that Synergy Grill Technology added grill dividers to their innovative accessory portfolio.”

The dividers can be slotted into any Synergy Grill model, allowing caterers to cook meat, fish and plant-based products side by side.

By slotting these grill dividers into Synergy’s third generation of grills, the Trilogy, caterers will also be able to cook different foods, under different heats, separately.

In theory, this means that caterers could grill fish at a high temperature on one section of the unit, chicken at a medium temperature on the next section, and delicate vegetables on the final section of the grill at a low temperature.

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