Synergy Grill ignites business with new cooking technology

Synergy Grill

Synergy Grill, the British chargrill manufacturer, has developed new hot surface ignition technology for its appliances.

It claims that the Hot Surface Ignition (HSI), combined with Flame-Rectification technology, is more robust, reliable and the ignition system doesn’t require cleaning.

The glow plug reaches a temperature of around 1,500°C, meaning it cleans itself without the fuss of a spark igniter. The igniter then turns into a flame sensing probe providing full flame detection without the need of costly thermocouples, which break an average of five to six times per year, coming with costly call out fees to get them repaired.

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Gary Evans, managing director of Synergy Grill, said the technology is a major upgrade for the firm. “We’re always looking to improve the technology we use and continue to innovate, building on the advances in technology we’ve already made with fat-atomising technology, 52% gas savings, no fat tray to clean and most importantly, better tasting food.”

Evans said that it was able to upgrade any existing customers to HSI, which is straightforward to do on site.

One of the advocates of the Cambridgeshire manufacturer’s products is American diner Zak’s. Chris Carr, COO at the chain, said it used a Synergy demo unit with HSI ignition for a recent company event and the results were impressive.

“We cooked 1,172 burgers in five hours. We calculated that’s an average of four burgers a minute. The grill was absolutely faultless all day, the HSI was very robust and with the energy savings it provides we didn’t even get through a small bottle of gas all day. As for the cooking, we charred the burgers on the grill then transferred them to the griddle plate before serving in a toasted. The Synergy Grill certainly helps them to be extra juicy.”

Synergy Grill’s SG630 model works on a single burner, while its SG900 and SG1300 units feature independent burners with their own on-off switches to allow for modular cooking.

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