Synergy Grill rebrands to emphasise patented technology behind its equipment

Synergy Grill

Cambridge-based manufacturer, Synergy Grill, is rebranding to Synergy Grill Technology in a bid to put a greater emphasis on the multi-patented technology within its flagship product.

Its new logo will have a distinguishable hallmark inspired by the company’s initials which will feature on all future grills manufactured by Synergy, as well as on grills that use Synergy Grill Technology such as the Lincat Opus 800 series – the first grills outside of Synergy to use the company’s technology following a unique agreement between the companies.

Speaking about Synergy’s new identity, Justin Cadbury, chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill, said: “The award-winning technology behind Synergy Grill is what truly sets it aside from our competitors, and therefore, it was important that this was reflected within our visual identity. The new branding serves to communicate the message that Synergy Grill is so much more than just a grill manufacturer, but also a provider of ground-breaking green grilling technology.”

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Since its formation in 2001, Synergy Grill has made its mark on  the foodservice sector with a comprehensive range of quality grills which boast better food quality in tandem with low energy usage.

This combination of better food using less energy is achieved by Synergy Grill’s unique patented gas burner system, which the new branding proudly champions.

The system atomises any fat produced during grilling process. As the fat atomises, any moisture that comes from the food also turns into steam which gently penetrates back into the food to ensure a perfect texture and taste.

This atomisation also completely eradicates the need for a fat tray, and therefore, removes the historically strenuous task of cleaning, along with the environmentally damaging disposal of waste fat. Synergy claims proprietors can cut gas bills by over half with its product.

Synergy Grill Technology will also be unveiling a new website at the end of the month following the rebrand.

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