Synergy lets operators pay for grills like they would a mobile phone contract

Richard Ebbs, director of commercial and marketing

Synergy Grill Technology has launched a scheme that allows operators to purchase new cooking equipment and pay for it in a “similar way to a monthly mobile phone contract”.

The ‘Synergy Contract’ scheme gives customers the chance to buy a new Synergy grill and pay for it on a monthly basis without any deposit. As part of the deal, Synergy has also waived the cost of installation and will remove their old grill for free.

It is confident that the monthly contract amount will equate to less than the immediate cost savings that customers will gain in reduced gas usage.

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Richard Ebbs, director of commercial and marketing at Synergy Grill Technology (main image), said: “In a similar way to choosing a mobile phone, we have given caterers the option to either purchase outright or enter into a monthly contract.

“We are aware that whilst operators want to improve their green credentials and offer the best food possible, the initial outlay for a Synergy Grill can be restrictive at this time. That being said, these same customers also appreciate that a Synergy Grill pays for itself within a few months. This is where the Synergy Contract provides the answer.”

Synergy Grill Technology’s innovative, patented technology atomises any fat produced during the grilling process.

As the fat atomises, any moisture that comes from the food also turns into steam which gently penetrates back into the food to ensure a perfect texture and taste like no other.  This atomisation also completely eradicates the need for a fat tray, and therefore simplifies the cleaning process.

Justin Cadbury, chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill Technology, said the package would help operators’ cash flow at a time when they are preparing to rebuild their incomes.

“The special element of this scheme is that whilst the customer receives their grill upfront, installed and their old grill taken away, they are not having to increase their spend as the savings on the fuel will outweigh the cost of the monthly payments,” he said.

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