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Chef reveals formula for the holy grail of burgers

Chef reveals formula for the holy grail of burgers

Fast food chains have been battling to develop the ultimate burger recipe for years, but now an Oxford University researcher claims he has come up with a formula that solves the debate once and for all. According to Charles Michel, chef-in-residence at Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, the best burgers are 7cm tall, 5cm wide

Asda leans on ‘future-proof’ catering kit to drive new cafe concept

Asda is looking to tempt customers with a high value, low cost in-store dining option that it is rolling out across multiple sites in its estate. FEJ looks at how it has worked closely with its catering equipment suppliers to get the concept just right. Supermarkets have operated in-store cafes for years and years, but

Tesco ditches three times as many developments as its rivals

Tesco has abandoned three times as many new supermarket sites as all of its main competitors put together over the last five years, new research reveals. The chain has ditched 62 development sites across the country since 2010 in an effort to manage costs in the business, according to figures compiled by Barbour ABI for

Supermarket sweep: Are the days of big catering equipment budgets over?

The British supermarket industry has been firmly in the spotlight over the past year, as the ‘big five’ have come under pressure from aspiring rivals and the shift from larger stores to smaller, local premises has intensified. Supermarkets are historically major buyers of catering equipment, but as the sector undergoes transformation, FEJ caught up with