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Restaurant group Fulham Shore winning tug-of-war with landlords

Restaurant group Fulham Shore winning tug-of-war with landlords

Franco Manca owner Fulham Shore has revealed its decision to delay recent new openings has had the “side-effect” of improving its cash position and lessening peak borrowings. Some of its planned launches have been postponed by as much as six months as the company has held out for better deals from landlords, thus protracting lease

BREAKING NEWS: Fulham Shore exits charcoal oven restaurant franchise venture

Fulham Shore is exiting the Bukowski Grill franchise business it operates after deciding the venture no longer fits with its core strategy. The group signed a three-year franchise agreement with the owners of the Bukowski brand at the end of 2015 and there was an expectation from the market that it would go on to

Fulham Shore to open 15 new sites with £8.5m injection

Fulham Shore has indicated at plans to open 15 new restaurants across its brands in the next 12 months after agreeing increased funding from HSBC. The group hopes to increase its portfolio of restaurants to a total of 60 sties: 45 Franco Manca sites, 14 The Real Greek and one Bukowski Grill franchise, with the

Franco Manca embarking on three more London projects before end of year

Franco Manca’s expansion into the regional market place has not dulled its appetite for further London growth, with the pizza chain committed to opening additional sites in the capital in 2016. The company has built its success up to now on opening stores across London, but over the past 12 months it has also diversified

Demise of high street frees up real estate for chain restaurants

Pizza chain Franco Manca’s national expansion plans are being aided by the renewed availability of real estate left abandoned by struggling retailers, the company has said.   The chain, which operates 24 restaurants, has just exchanged contracts on sites in Southampton and Reading as it looks to grow outside its London stronghold for the first

Franco Manca on site and planning four new restaurants

Fulham Shore, the owner of Franco Manca and The Real Greek, expects to report results in line with market expectations following the conclusion of its fiscal year, ending 27 March. The chain will release its annual accounts in early July 2016, but investors are unlikely to get any surprises according to the update in which